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We create global fan moments.

There’s something about the thrill of shared experiences—the energy, the euphoria—that can’t be felt alone. We believe in the power of cinema to create these moments, and we’ve been nurturing it for years.

We connect all the dots to the big screen.

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looking to engage your audience by bringing them together in cinemas worldwide?

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looking to broaden your programming and introduce new audiences to your venue?

What’s it like working with Trafalgar Releasing on a global release?

It only took one call for us to realize that Trafalgar Releasing was the right partner to help us bring the S&M2 concert film between Metallica and the San Francisco Symphony to theaters. From the get-go their formidable and impressive team assured us they could accomplish the ambitious goal we had set of providing Metallica fans in every corner of the world the opportunity to experience this incredible show in (or close to) their respective hometowns.

Trafalgar Releasing exceeded our expectations. S&M2 was exhibited in over 3600 theaters in 96 countries, and when we asked what they could do for an encore, they did just that…a global encore screening ‘by popular demand!’”

In the end, it was a great project all around, and we’ll surely be reaching out to TR again in the future.

Marc Reiter, Metallica HQ

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Our core team has been together since 2006. We’ve been around long before event cinema.


We’re establishing international offices & developing new ways of reaching fans in the changing world.


The cinema experience evolves so we’re exploring all sorts of emerging markets with growing fandoms.

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  4. Fan Marketing

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