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Engage your audience by bringing them together in cinemas worldwide.

This is how we partner with producers, record labels, rights holders, arts organisations and managers.

The Fan Moment

A deep way to engage your global fanbase is through the buzz of a ‘one night only’ event in cinemas. As a show kicks off in Tokyo and ends in Hawaii, it brings fans together in a unifying experience both online and in the real world.

We can do any—or all—of the following to get you that moment:

  1. Consult

    Through industry experience and explorations on international demand, we’ll help determine if a cinema release will work for you. And if it’s viable, we can help you plan the whole process from production to release.

  2. Produce

    From getting the right technical crew together to capture your event, to editing the final cut and packaging for cinema, we can arrange parts of, or the whole production. We’ll join the journey where you need us.

  3. Cinema Sales

    We know cinema, you know your audience. Collectively we can identify the right countries and the appropriate cinemas for your projects.

    We can advise when to pick an art house in Austin over a multiplex in Mumbai. Since 2006, we’ve grown long-term relationships with cinemas across the world.

    Music box house
    Picture house
  4. Marketing

    As well as planning and managing a campaign across all media, we can produce in cinema advertising, trailers, posters, social media micro content, and custom ticketing websites—all your campaign needs.

  5. Release

    From finding the best distribution paths to cinemas, to event night technical support, to admission reports and transparent accounting, we cover everything.

    Picture from a theatre

What is it like partnering with Trafalgar on a project?

We partnered with Trafalgar on the ambitious Kenneth Branagh Theatre Company project.

Working alongside a multitude of partners, it was imperative that a strong sense of trust was developed between Trafalgar and Ken himself, who was heavily involved across all areas of production.

Their agility and professionalism gave Ken the confidence he needed, and the project as a whole resulted in a pioneering and successful cinema season.

Ed Snape
Producer/Director, Fiery Angel

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