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We understand the relationship between your locations, audiences, and our releases.


Since our first event in 2006, we’ve shaped a process to understand what kind of content will fit around your regular programming and succeed in your cinema—regardless of if you’re an art house in Brooklyn, or a multiplex in Bangkok.

This is how we work together:

  1. Book Our Events

    From The Metropolitan Opera and the Royal Opera House, to Coldplay, Roger Waters, and BTS—we distribute events with proven audiences for your consideration.

    Through audience analysis and years of industry experience, we’ve learned to identify projects that fit your cinema—another revenue stream that brings new audiences.

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  2. Marketing Campaign

    To fill your cinema you need content with a local audience plus a creative campaign to win their interest.

    We work with producers to tap into all available audience channels. We deliver localised campaigns which include everything from trailers and posters, to social media micro-content and PR support.

    Beyond increasing cinema admissions and consessions, our campaigns expose new audiences to your cinema.

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  3. Technical Distribution

    A big screen release requires audio and visual presentation to be at the highest possible specification. We make sure quality is maintaned at every stage of the production and delivery process so that fans have the best experience available to them.

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    Sound director verify equipment

What’s it like to have our productions in your cinema?

Trafalgar has without a doubt been the beacon of this growing industry helping the exhibition industry reach their maximum potential in ways we never imagined.

They have always shown a great understanding of the trends and novelties that resonate with our audiences, and we wholeheartedly trust in their judgement and professionalism when offering projects to us.

We’re proud to be partners with them and hope to keep this excellent relationship for many years to come.

Christian Bozicovich
Programming Director, Cinemark LATAM

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If you’re interested in booking our releases for your cinema, let’s chat. Even if a specific show isn’t suitable for your cinema, we’d love to have you as part of our network.

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