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Bringing fans together
since 2006

There’s something about the thrill of shared experiences—the energy, the euphoria—that can’t be felt alone. Whether it’s in the celebration of the arts, the revival of nostalgia, or the frenzy of something new.

We believe in the power of cinema to create these moments, and we’ve been nurturing it for years. Working with the world’s top producers and rights holders across a global exhibition network, we make these moments happen.

Here’s our journey:

  • Smashing records with global music icons

    Partnering with AMC Theatres Distribution, Trafalgar delivered 2023’s two biggest events to international cinemas. TAYLOR SWIFT | THE ERAS TOUR and RENAISSANCE: A FILM BY BEYONCÉ, the most talked-about releases of the year, were a dominant cultural force, with THE ERAS TOUR becoming the highest grossing concert film in history.

  • Live BTS concert breaks own record with $32.6M

    Our fourth global project with the world’s biggest act. This live concert, broadcast from Seoul to over 70 countries across 3,360+ cinemas, broke BTS’ own record to become the highest grossing event cinema release of all time, signalling a large-scale return to cinemas worldwide.

  • Continued global success

    Demonstrating an agile approach, Trafalgar navigated the challenges posed by the global pandemic to deliver standout successes in 2021, including BLACKPINK THE MOVIE (highest grossing event cinema release of 2021), Oasis Knebworth 1996 (highest grossing UK documentary), The Most Reluctant Convert (Trafalgar’s highest grossing inspirational release).

  • Acquisition of More2Screen

    In 2019 we acquired competitor More2Screen, a UK based event cinema distribution specialist, retaining and integrating the full team into the Trafalgar Releasing operation.

  • Breaking new ground

    BTS: Bring the Soul the Movie was released in 115 territories and beat the record for the largest event cinema release in history, overtaking the previous BTS project Burn the Stage the Movie. We also released the Khalid: Free Spirit, which tied together a short film and album launch party in a world-first fan event.

  • BTS: Burn the Stage the Movie
    BTS: Burn the Stage the Movie
    Global Record: Largest Event Cinema Release

    BTS: Burn the Stage the Movie. This release was the exclamation mark on our biggest year to date. BTS overtook One Direction as the largest release in event cinema history.

  • Trafalgar launch US team
    Trafalgar launch US team
    Launch US Team

    The launch of our US team with members in Denver, LA & NYC. We cemented our position in the US market with local expertise.

  • Nck Cave
    One More Time with Feeling - Nick Cave
    First Album Launch Partnership

    One More Time with Feeling. Nick Cave came to us with a unique idea. He avoided the traditional release route and wanted to use film to launch his album. We were proud to work on this special project.

  • Robert Waters The Wall
    Roger Waters The Wall tour
    First Global Music Release

    Roger Waters The Wall. Off the back of one of his most successful tours, we pushed the boundaries of what we could do with music releases.

  • First Release in 3,000 Screens

    Monty Python Live (mostly). Our first true global fan moment. Building on our growing expertise we brought the cultural event of the year to cinemas worldwide.

  • trafalgar first global launch with shakespeare
    First Global Launch

    RSC: Richard II. It’s somehow fitting that Shakespeare would mark our company’s first global launch. “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players….”

  • Launch NT Live

    Through a partnership with NT Live, we launched the first piece of live theatre broadcast in cinemas (having Dame Helen Mirren star was a major plus).

  • Sound director verify equipment
    First Nationwide (UK) Live Broadcast

    Amnesty International’s Secret Policeman’s Ball at the Royal Albert Hall. One of the first major pieces of event cinema to be broadcast nationwide. A four hour variety show, it demonstrated the possibilities of the industry.

What’s it like to work with Trafalgar Releasing?

Working with the Trafalgar team on the Depeche Mode: SPIRITS in the Forest theatrical release was an exceptionally positive experience.

Their attention to detail, collaborative planning, and thoughtfulness with distribution, marketing and PR lead to fantastic results - fully achieving our goals of reaching both die-hard and new Depeche Mode fans with the film, and creating an opportunity for fans around the globe to come together around the film's incredible fan stories, relive memories of the Global Spirit Tour, and reconnect with one another and the band in a meaningful way.

Collaborating with Trafalgar wasn't just a success and pleasure in itself, but also provided a fantastic platform for distribution of the film beyond theatrical, serving as the launching point for a successful global, multi-channel, multi-platform release.

Jonathan Kessler
Manager, Depeche Mode

Meet the Team

It took all sorts of people to make Trafalgar Releasing the company it is today. Most of our core team has been together for more than 10 years, and we’ve added friends from a breadth of backgrounds, locations, and nationalities. And we hope you like dogs, because they’re a big part of our team too.

Meet the Team

Our parent company is Trafalgar Entertainment, a fast-growing live entertainment business and theatre producer. Trafalgar Entertainment companies include Trafalgar Theatres, Trafalgar Tickets, Stagecoach Performing Arts and Trafalgar Theatre Productions.

Together, this unique blend of companies presents unparalleled opportunities for award-winning theatre productions, educational events and live cinema screenings to be staged on a global scale, entertaining, engaging and inspiring our audiences worldwide.