Radiator Radiator

Release date: Oct. 27, 2016

Countries available: UK & Ireland

Isolated in their remote Cumbrian cottage, elderly couple Leonard (Richard Johnson) and Maria (Gemma Jones) find that time has caught up with them and their lives have gradually slipped from eccentricity into chaos.

Taking a few days off work, their son Daniel (Daniel Cerqueira) has travelled back home to help them cope. The situation he is confronted with is a difficult one: Leonard is unwilling to leave the sofa, where he has become ’stuck’, and this soon reignites the heavily antagonistic relationship that Daniel has with his father. With very little time to spare, Daniel faces the daunting challenge of restoring some order to the house whilst keeping everyone happy. Nothing is ever simple, of course, and he soon finds himself battling his father, the dilapidated state of the property and a family of mice that have taken up residence. And when Maria departs for a long weekend to attend a friend’s party, leaving Leonard and Daniel on their own together, things get even trickier.

Heartfelt, touching and funny, Tom Browne’s award-winning debut feature is a warmly humorous look at a family struggling to get along.

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