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Neža Kovačič

Neža Kovačič is the Acquisitions Assistant at Trafalgar

Working in the acquisitions and programming department I help assess projects by preparing market research and financial forecasts. I look after deadlines and deliverables for those projects and ensure everyone is happy with the required timelines in order to successfully release a project.


I don’t quite know what I am yet. I’ve tried flipping coins, listening exclusively to French crooners, I’ve even had a brief hat phase, but nothing stuck.

Oliver Tate, Submarine

Neža's story

I moved to the UK from Slovenia in 2014 and studied film and drama at the University of Manchester. I had one goal and one goal only and this was to work for a film distributor I admire and be as involved in the process as possible. Trafalgar Releasing somehow managed to merge three of my biggest loves, cinema, theatre, and music, and allowed me to learn something new about this lovely industry every day on a global scale.

My passion for film started from a very young age, and I am glad that all my hours of watching and rewatching the same films over and over again amounted to something. I grew up in Slovenia where the film industry is still only just blossoming and so the gaps are filled with films from all over the world.

Working at art kino Udarnik in Maribor was one of the most formative times of my career. We constantly fought against tight budgets and had to work and think outside of the box to bring the world cinema to our audiences, but there was a great sense of a communal effort to do so and to achieve just that. This experience working in the industry convinced me to pursue this as a career and ultimately led me to Trafalgar Releasing.

Trafalgar Releasing have offered me an opportunity to learn, develop, and further examine my hopes and dreams in this industry and do so on a massive scale. I can learn as much as possible about each and every department and figure out a way to find my place within this industry.

Working in film distribution has long been a dream of mine and I could not be happier bringing projects to cinemas here at Trafalgar Releasing.

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