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Paul Marchant

Paul Marchant is the Head of US Exhibition at Trafalgar

Audiences come in all sizes. My mission is to ensure that all US cinemas—no matter how large or small—have the opportunity to participate in the growing world of event cinema.

Favorite movie quote:

Too early for flapjacks?

Phil Connors, Groundhog Day

Paul's story

My fascination with the moving image began at an early age in picturesque Savannah, GA, and has never let up.  With two decades of experience across film production, exhibition, preservation and distribution, I’ve held leading roles at film festivals, media organizations, and distribution outfits from Atlanta to San Francisco to New York.  Now as part of Team Trafalgar, I’m proud to offer US cinemas a wholly unique film experience that marries the special event model long inherent in festival exhibition with traditional cinema releasing.

When I’m not juggling Trafalgar releases, you’ll find me searching for some far-off destination to photograph or a heady myth to adapt for the big screen.  I also enjoy [most] breakfast foods, spooky movies, shoegaze music, vintage travel art, stories about animals, dodging past mistakes and really do fall for long walks on the beach (though mountains are a close second).

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