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Rose Harvey

Rose Harvey is the Theatrical Sales Assistant at Trafalgar

I work in the theatrical sales department at Trafalgar, supporting the entire sales team on each release. I am the administrator for the MACCs system alongside box office reporting and calendar updates.


She can’t act, she can’t sing, she can’t dance. A triple threat.

Cosmo Brown, Singin' in the Rain

Rose's story

I’ve loved films since discovering the brat pack movies as a teenager and have always idolised the hallowed halls of local cinemas. With this passion I knew that I wanted to work in the film business, supporting creativity and expression.  However it has not been a straightforward path into the industry, I originally studied Archaeology at University and spent many a day in a muddy hole looking for treasure.

While living in New Zealand I started working in a 65 seat independent cinema near the beach and really enjoyed witnessing the inner workings of a cinema, something that drove me to further work for an Everyman back in the UK and then undertake a masters at the National Film and Televisions School (NFTS) in marketing, distribution, sales and exhibition.

I then spent a formative time working in specialist exhibition for the documentary distributor Dogwoof, and loved helping to release films about unique and impactful individuals.

I am really excited to now be in the sales team at Trafalgar, a highlight of my role is coming across unique cinemas from all around the world.

Outside of Trafalgar you can find me searching for socks that my dog has stolen and discovering new country pubs.

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