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Vanessa Hills

Vanessa Hills is the Head of Arts Marketing at Trafalgar

I work across the marketing campaigns for all arts content at Trafalgar, both standalone events and seasons, developing the appropriate strategy for each project, and liaising with clients and exhibitors to ensure as many people as possible know they can access amazing culture on the big screen.

Remember, Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, but backwards and in high heels.

Faith Whittlesey

Vanessa's story

My career in marketing began with the launch of M&M’s in the UK, not a bad place to start for someone who likes chocolate, but over the years I realised that despite working on some fantastic brands, including Coca-Cola, British Airways and Twinings (I like tea even more than chocolate), my heart wasn’t in it. After taking a career break when my two daughters were small, I couldn’t quite believe my luck when I returned to work in 2009 and found myself at More2Screen, a pioneering distributor in the emerging Event Cinema sector. Finally I was able to market something I was passionate about – the Arts – in an environment I loved – cinema! Though sadly not a dancer myself (evident from the age of 3…), I’m a balletomane and also enjoy theatre, musicals and art exhibitions. I’ve also had the advantage of being able to learn more about opera and classical music as part of my working day. Following the acquisition of More2Screen by Trafalgar Releasing it has been a privilege to become part of such an enthusiastic and committed team, heading up Arts marketing for the company on events from some of the world’s most prestigious cultural organisations and leading entertainment companies.

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