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Meet Team Trafalgar

The core Trafalgar Releasing team has been together for almost a decade and a half. We picked up a few more faces along the way—and we’re still growing.

Here’s where the team is at today.

Photo of Vincent Jervis
Vincent Jervis

Director of Finance

Photo of Tracy-Ann Berens
Tracy-Ann Berens

Financial Controller

Photo of Richard Coutain
Richard Coutain

Finance Assistant

Photo of Laura Hood
Laura Hood

Business Affairs Manager

Photo of Hanna Konopka
Hanna Konopka

Finance Assistant

Photo of Elif Pamuk
Elif Pamuk

Assistant Accountant

Photo of Shivajini Sivlogan
Shivajini Sivlogan

Management Accountant

Photo of Sam Traquair
Sam Traquair

Credit Controller