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Meet Team Trafalgar

The core Trafalgar Releasing team has been together for almost a decade and a half. We picked up a few more faces along the way—and we’re still growing.

Here’s where the team is at today.

Photo of James Merchant
James Merchant

Head of Film and Music

Photo of Jamie Woglom
Jamie Woglom

Head of Marketing—North America

Photo of Ollie Charles
Ollie Charles

PR and Partnerships Manager

Photo of Nicola Lampard
Nicola Lampard

Marketing Manager

Photo of Niall Lewis
Niall Lewis

Freelance Designer

Photo of Ashley Smith
Ashley Smith

Marketing Director, North America

Photo of Saskia van der Lingen
Saskia van der Lingen

Marketing Executive

Photo of Iain Worgan
Iain Worgan

Freelance Designer